The Anglican Diocese of Brisbane is committed to striving to provide a safe and supportive
environment for children and young people in all its ministries.

The Diocese has implemented this Child Protection Risk Management Plan to assist in
protecting children and other vulnerable people from harm in the Church. The Plan helps
ensure that the Diocese’s ministries are safe and supportive environments by providing
strategies to identify and minimise potential risks. Screening lay employees and volunteers
through the Commission for Children and Young People’s blue card system is an integral
part of our Plan.

The Risk Management Plan addresses the following elements:
• A Child Protection Risk Management Plan Policy Statement.
• A Code of Conduct for clergy and lay Church workers who work with children.
• A Safe Ministry Check which provides procedures for recruiting, screening, selecting and supervising lay Church workers.
• A Protocol for Dealing with Complaints which provides clear and mandatory procedures for managing complaints and information regarding sexual misconduct by clergy and lay Church workers.
• Procedures for addressing breaches of the Risk Management Plan.
• Procedures for ensuring the proper implementation of this Plan and regularly reviewing its contents.
• Maintenance of a register for all lay Church workers who hold blue cards.
• A specific Risk Management Plan for high risk activities and special events.
• A strategy for communicating the Plan to parents and carers of children who participate in all ministries in the Diocese.

The Anglican church of Australia also has protocols in place for complaints about clergy which can be found HERE.

Copies of these documents in bold are available for downloading from the Diocesan website

If you have any questions about any of our procedures and policies concerning the safety and wellbeing of your children or young person, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

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Reverend Dan Berris