We are excited to share with you the many things happening in our community. More than this though we want you to come and be a part of it, as we know that you will be blessed and that we will be blessed by having you with us.

Our church community is located at the YMCA building (Halpine Drive, Mango Hill) opposite the Coles supermarket.

Our services and community are focused on engaging those who desire a more contemporary style of worship with music, ministry for the young (and young at heart) and sermons with a socially relevant message. We have less formal liturgy, greater time for singing and greater emphasis for sermons to unpack the scriptures. This is a very social group who enjoy sticking around to chat afterwards and maybe even continuing a discussion over lunch together.

If you haven’t ever been to an Anglican Church and would like to see what we do or if life just got busy and you haven’t connected with the Anglican Church for a while, we invite you to connect with our Sunday service.

9:30AM Service (A Contemporary Anglican Communion service)

YMCA building on Halpine Drive, Mango Hill
(Entry via the 711 driveway off Linear Drive)


What happens at the Sunday meetings?

Sunday church meetings are a time for us a community of God’s people to come together and we do this for a number of reasons:

Hearing from God: As we meet together we want to listen to God speak to us as individuals and as a community. The Bible is read aloud from the front and a speaker spends time exploring the things we read together and how they might apply to our lives.

Talking to God: We spend some time talking to God in prayer, usually led by someone out the front. While this person normally prays on behalf of everyone, in the quietness of our hearts we also offer prayers whether that is for personal things or maybe even in agreement with what is prayed from the person up front.

Sing together: We spend time singing songs that remind us about who God is and what he’s done. Songs can be a powerful way to express something about who we are and what we believe but it also is a great way to join as a community. Think of it like community karaoke but without the bouncing ball over the words!

Communion: We celebrate the Lord’s Supper together each week. If communion is not part of your usual practice, we invite you to come up for a blessing when others receive communion or you may remain seated while music plays.

Other Things: At times we say a ‘creed’ together. This is a short statement which sums up some of the big and important things Christians believe.

Food, Coffee and a Chat: After each meeting we stick around to enjoy Morning Tea together. This is a chance to find out more informally about what’s going on in each other’s lives. It’s a chance to meet new people or to ask some more questions. Hang around, grab a coffee or tea and enjoy some of the wonderful food and people who are a part of the community.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me by phone, email or simply come along and meet with the community and myself at our services. We also have a F.A.Q. section that you can look through.

Wherever you are in your faith in the midst of life, you can know that we will be there to help walk it with you. May you be blessed and may you seek to be a blessing to those around you.

Fr Dan