beatitudes 1


“The Beatitudes are the beginning of Jesus lengthy “sermon on the mount” in which he outlines the benefits of being a…

Apostles creed

Apostals Creed – The Son

“The Apostles Creed on Sunday covered what we can articulate about the identity of Jesus, his life, purpose and position within…

Apostles creed

Apostles Creed

“The Apostles Creed has helped align what people say they believe about God, against what Jesus actually taught the disciples to…


Titus 3

“To let our light shine, for others to see our good deeds, that they may glorify our heavenly Father”


Titus 2

“On Sunday, we reflected on putting ourselves in the shoes of others through reading God’s word. In doing so, we reflect…



“The Church has been given a task to represent Christ, acting as a beacon of light who shines the beauty of…

Who is Jesus

Why did Jesus Come?

“people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

Who is Jesus

Who is Jesus

“When Jesus prayed by himself, this seemed to inconvenience the disciples. Jesus often prayed before preaching to people. What does this…

Trinity Sunday


“Jesus seems to have authority over areas of life, he is shown to have authority as a teacher, over death, over…