The Loving Father

The Loving Father

“Symbols are very important in most churches. Symbols, like the parables Jesus used, teach people through multi layered meanings. A symbol…

Prodigal Son

Who do I Turn To

“God’s heart is capable of loving us in the midst of our rebelliousness.”

Woman at the well - John 4.1-26

Living Water

“The person whose heavy burden of sin is removed by Jesus – sees the weight upon others and can’t but let…

Easter Sunday Sacred or Shallow

A Sacred or Shallow Symbol

“Sin is our hurtful words, reckless actions and troubling thoughts – it is of all things carrying consequences in this world…

Turning up for Jesus

Turning Up For Jesus

“It’s not always easy to make time – but when you know the time will be beneficial – you make time…

Abide in the True Vine

Abide in the True Vine

“When we’re distracted, we’re disengaged. When we are disengaged, we have separate ourselves and separation kills any chance of bearing fruit…

Transfiguration 2016


“Having faith and not going deeper is like having a nice wine, cheese and desserts sitting in the fridge. You can…