Journey with Jesus - sets

Journey with Jesus – sets

“Romans 5:8 says that God’s love was seen in that Jesus died for us, while still in sin – he died…



“Epiphany celebrates the revelation of God becoming embodied in Jesus Christ”

1st sunday after christmas

1st Sunday After Christmas

“Matthew 28:16-20 are the final words – they’re a great summary of people’s experience with Jesus and how he inspired them…

Christmas Eve 2019

Christmas Eve 2019

“Advent is the journey to removing our self – the more we remove ourselves to seek the character of God, the…

Advent 3

Advent 3

“If one hasn’t been offended by the gospel that is Jesus, we might wonder if that one understands the gospel at…

ADvent 1 - the king is coming


“I want to encourage you to consider what it means to be faithful to Christ, To consider how you may live…

jesus is enough

Jesus is Enough

” don’t listen to those who take – who are unfaithful to God – be like this widow who, though she…

Luke 20.27-40

Luke 20

“Belief in the resurrection was strongest among people who were repressed. The Sadducees, who lived in luxury, had little reason to…