Living generously

Living Generously – Our Gifts

“Our gifts cover a range of who we are practically, mentally and even spiritually. We use these in ways that generally…

Living generously

Living Generously – Our Selves

“We can live generously in many ways that bring physical, mental and emotional benefits. Christians are to live generously out of…

restored by jesus

Restored by Jesus

“Christians are called to reveal what healthy restoration look like as this is what we believe we receive from faith in…

Trinity Sunday


“It can be challenging to understand the concept of the Trinity, learning how to talk about God in an individual and…



“The Spirit works through us in at least two ways. Either by specific ways that makes God’s will known, (prophecy, words…

Ascension Sunday


“Jesus can sympathise with our lives and yet his heavenly position grants us access to God, allowing us to approach with…

Disciples of Christ

Maturing Disciples

“Everyone who hears these words and doesn’t act on them is like a foolish man who built his house on sand….

Disciples of Christ

Making Disciples

“Jesus was given all authority in heaven and earth by God, The bible says Jesus passed this same authority onto his…

Disciples of Christ

Calling Disciples

“To bring everyday people into Christ-centred relationships to do God’s will together”

No fear for those in Christ

No Fear For Those in Christ

“Peter’s journey of being restored to Jesus begun by undoing his three denials of Jesus. It also involved Peter having to…