“The Church has been given a task to represent Christ, acting as a beacon of light who shines the beauty of…

Who is Jesus

Why did Jesus Come?

“people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!”

Who is Jesus

Who is Jesus

“When Jesus prayed by himself, this seemed to inconvenience the disciples. Jesus often prayed before preaching to people. What does this…

Trinity Sunday


“Jesus seems to have authority over areas of life, he is shown to have authority as a teacher, over death, over…



“The doctrine of the Trinity is something that has puzzled scholars since the beginning of the early church. It speaks of…



“Pentecost is a special historical event in the world and in the life of the church. It signifies a new period…

Ruth - Session 2 Ruth

Ruth 3 – Boaz

“There are three main scriptures which give us the historical record of the ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Ruth - Session 2 Ruth

Ruth 2 – Ruth

“God’s plan extended beyond Personal Problems.”

Ruth - Naomi

Ruth 1 – Naomi

Print Version: Ruth – session 1 Naomi [/one_half] “While we don’t see angels or God’s obvious intervention, God is seen through…

Wisdom - literature

Wisdom Application

“It isn’t God who is unfair but it is life which is often unfair. God is present for us and knows…