Christ the King 2017

Christ the King

“Our vision is LOVE JESUS, SERVE OTHERS, GLORIFY GOD – we grow in our love for Jesus, so that we will…

being sent

Being Sent

Every week we’ve come to experience a journey – so how have we let it transform us? Have we let God…



“Communion doesn’t begin just at the Thanksgiving Prayer, it begins with understanding how we bring our sacrifice of our – finances,…

The Word

Anglican Worship

“Jesus says his blood will be ‘my blood of the covenant’. When Israel broke God’s covenant, God announced through his prophets…


How We Worship

“The hour is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. You worship what you…

Who am I

Who Am I

“God will deal harshly with those who say they work for the kingdom but don’t and God will give the work…

kingdom generosity

Matthew 21. 1-16

“Living for the kingdom is seen to have more value than a focus on fulfilling personal desires!”

Matthew 18.21-35

Matthew 18.21-35

“Notice that the last are literally first by being paid first. The first, who laboured longest must now wait the longest….

Matthew 18.10-20

Matthew 18. 10-20

“They ask why they couldn’t heal the kid. He says – all you needed was faith as small as a mustard…