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The Lakes Anglican Church is a wonderful community to help celebrate a marriage. While The Lakes Anglican Church is without a building of its own, the beautiful surroundings of the North Lakes area is the perfect setting for the creation of wonderful memories and gorgeous photographs.

What is a wedding?

A Wedding, also known as Holy Matrimony is the blessing of a union between a man and woman, acknowledging the presence and grace of God in the life of the couple as expressed through the exchange of the vows.

In marriage, husband and wife seek God’s blessing, and through the mediation of the priest, the prayer is answered. Although the couple administer their own sacrament through their voluntary exchange of vows, the sacrament must be celebrated in the presence of a member of the clergy, who witnesses and mediates the prayers.

Why have a wedding?

Marriage is a most important decision for a couple and the Anglican marriage service seeks to express both the solemnity and the joy of this decision. Anglicans believe that in the marriage service God joins a man and a woman in physical and spiritual union. This union reflects that union which exists between Christ and his Church.

Things you should know

The Anglican tradition emphasises that marriage is a life-long commitment and that the couple can expect to be blessed by the gift of children.

God intended marriage to offer the right place to grow in love and support for each other and provide a stable and secure environment for bringing up children. Marriage can change us for the better, and as we change, our marriage grows along with us. We should not expect to change the person we become partners with but rather, grow with them and beside them as they become the person God has for them to be.

In the marriage ceremony, a couple makes a public declaration of lifelong commitment to love each other. A commitment, by its nature, is a challenge. Saying ‘I will’ to those vows obliges you to forgive and be forgiven.

We offer a traditional Anglican service and can adapt to various locations to help celebrate this wonderful step in your life together.

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More information on weddings

For more information and to explore your options for your special day, contact our Church office who can guide you through the steps required.